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Canberra long necklace Neon Yellow

Canberra long necklace Neon Yellow

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Canberra, soft and versatile long necklace with a smart concept to adjust it. Mix and match with other ALEX+SVET jewelry to shape a new volume and create your own unique style...

All Acrylic elements are hand-finished to be smooth and shiny. The soft-touch matt finish rubber is artfully hand-tinted and hand-transformed with love and care. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our studio in Paris, France.

NB! The exclusive color process makes each piece of jewelry unique and the final product may slightly vary from the picture.

Material matt finish soft-touch rubber
high-quality Acrylic
Dimensions lenght max (adjustable)
120 cm / 47"
Helpful Tips You can move the elements to match your mood or your outfit.
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