About ALEX+SVET design studio

Hello, we are Alex & Svet, Paris based multifaceted artists, designers and makers with Russian origins and a global outlook. We are active members of “Atelier d'Art de France”.

Since 2000, we thoughtfully source the finest unconventional ingredients and we meticulously metamorphose them in our Parisian studio into innovative & extraordinary contemporary adornments with a retro-futuristic aesthetic. Our jewelry come from sophisticated and playful fusion of avant-garde design, traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technologies with an ethically and sustainably approach. We would like to share this remarkable versatile, tactile & visual experience with you.

Our favorite materials are Rubber (since 2000) and "Green" Recycled Acrylic, an extremely high-quality acrylic completely made from 100% recycled pre- and post-consumer acrylic. It's the most sustainable and especially green choice in the "acrylic world".

Welcome to our retro-futuristic universe!



ALEX+SVET - ALTERNATIVE CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY WITH DISTINCTIVE ARTFUL DESIGN AND EXQUISITELY CRAFTED FINISHINGS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES - are available at museum shops, design, concept and fashion stores worldwide. Our singular aesthetic is now globally renowned.

Alongside our casual and seasonal capsule collections, we love to collaborate with various Museum stores following the themes of current exhibitions in limited edition.

And then what else? We dance in the rain, hum David Bowie tunes, admire Zaha Hadid, whistle on the hills, tally the number of shooting stars … and invite you to share our mood ;-)

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