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ANTA-ODELI °SOLO decorative object. 1 set - S - Yellow

ANTA-ODELI °SOLO decorative object. 1 set - S - Yellow

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ANTA-ODELI is retro futuristic graphic line globally influenced by the Era of the Great Utopia.
Decorate any living space with these breathtakingly elegant handcrafted objects
with an interplay of light and shadow.
They are perfect for those who still have playful mindset.

1 set composed of 2 elements: 1 exterior and 1 interior.

All Acrylic elements are hand-polished with a special attention to every single detail. Each piece is carefully handcrafted in our studio in Paris, France.


high-quality glossy Acrylic

Dimensions 16 cm x h 19 cm
Helpful Tips Just place them in various way to change their look
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